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Old School Football review – 1991 #1 Florida State vs Tulane

FSU vs Tulane Casey Weldon, and Amp Lee tear up the Tulane Defense all game, doing anything they want. 31 points before getting pulled at the end of the third. Brad Johnson comes in at the beginning of the 4th. A pick bounces off a receiver and into the hands of a defender, not the

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I wrote a sms survey application

My pastor was looking for a sms survey service, requirements: A number to give out, a way to gather the responses, easy to use, cheap as possible. Googling turned up a few results with no clear pricing and salesmen, one I found was about $50 a month. Since I work at a telephone company, I

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Old School Football review – 1991 Pigskin Classic #1 Florida State vs #19 BYU

I recently started watching old school football games, so I figured I would write a review while I am at it. I love the Noles, so I will be watching their games. The year is 1991, FSU is preseason ranked #1 in the nation, and has for some reason, opted to open the year at

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