Computer stuff I don’t need and you can have

I need to clear some space in my project room, here is some computer gear I no longer need and will throw away if people don’t take.

No hard drives in anything below.
1 Pentium 4 desktop missing a power supply,
another Pentium 4 with everything,
2 big servers which weigh 100 pounds each, or feel like it anyways, one has 4 gigs of ram, the other has maybe 1 gig total.
4 small screens which are less than 1080p. 2 match, the other two are really small, one of which has a card reader attached to it (originally meant to be used with a POS system).
about 6 optical disk drives between all the stuff if taken out.

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  1. I could use some of your things.I’m not not sure what monitors you have, but I could use at least one. I would be glad to take both servers if they are available. if not, what ever you have left would be amazing. I’m trying to make a work station and it would all be great.

  2. Hello. I’m interested in the two gateway servers and the two matching monitors that you have listed on trilug.

    How near are you to NE/ E Raleigh? I am currently out of work so I try to minimize my trips if possible. If you’re not close, I might pass but you let me know.

    Take care.


    1. Hey William, the servers are still available if you want them, monitors are all gone. You still want them, should I bring them to the next trilug meeting?

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