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I got DK64 working again

About 16 years ago a low life scum bag stole my Expansion Card for the N64. This was needed for DK64 to work, so since then I have not been able to play. I finally bit the bullet and purchased an expansion card on ebay (about $20 USD) and it booted right up. Now to

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Bacon Wrapped, Old Bay Seasoned, Ribeye Burgers, dressed with East Carolina Vinegar based BBQ sauce

Leah said it was burger night, so might as well do it right. Bought a ribeye steak, then sliced it up and cut off the excess fat and tissue (leave some of the fat, otherwise you get a dry burger). Formed patties, seasoned it with salt and old bay. Wrap it with bacon. Place on

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I wrote https://soh.re from scratch go check it out

I have always wanted a interactive website that looks like a Linux shell. When @ChrisShort tweeted about GoTTY, I knew I had the essential piece I was missing. GoTTY – Share Your Linux Terminal (TTY) as a Web Application – https://t.co/qU3r49NLvk — ChriSSHort πŸ’ΎπŸ¦„πŸŒˆ (@ChrisShort) April 24, 2017 I wanted each page reload to bring

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