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Mothers day Wings

Did pancakes, bacon, cinnamon rolls, and mimosas’s for brunch, Leah cooked it all up, it was too delicious to take pictures of. Ended up doing grilled wings for dinner, shoulda cooked 4-5 more but they were great.

I got DK64 working again

About 16 years ago a low life scum bag stole my Expansion Card for the N64. This was needed for DK64 to work, so since then I have not been able to play. I finally bit the bullet and purchased an expansion card on ebay (about $20 USD) and it booted right up. Now to

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Bacon Wrapped, Old Bay Seasoned, Ribeye Burgers, dressed with East Carolina Vinegar based BBQ sauce

Leah said it was burger night, so might as well do it right. Bought a ribeye steak, then sliced it up and cut off the excess fat and tissue (leave some of the fat, otherwise you get a dry burger). Formed patties, seasoned it with salt and old bay. Wrap it with bacon. Place on

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