Starting hosting a Minecraft server and playing on Titans account, its alot of fun and very addicting, I wasted alot of time on it today and the day before. I really enjoy building thins in the game, and directing the flow of water or lava. as usual if you want to play connect to my server by typing this in command console. “ping jmainguy.com” then use the ip you get from that.

Bad mood

Its just on of those days, where you dont want to wake up, everything is fucked, everybody sucks. You dont really know why, but you want to justify, ripping someones head off. I am Eeyore

Babo Weekend

Friday night a little after 6 the rndlabs.ca servers for baboviolent 2 went down, and they haven’t come back up yet. this is the longest period of time that they have been done in the last three years. Over its history the servers where first provided by the creators dZb and Daivuk, then when they didnt want to pay for servers for a free game Vamp stepped up and paid for about a year, then Deathray took over when Vamp got sick of doing it, and now? Has Deathray really stopped suppliying servers (he hasnt been part of the community for months now) or is the server company just having hicups? Personally I actually hope the servers are gone for good because then I can host my own servers like I am doing now and people will play them, Deathray grew tired of moderating his servers and cheating and racism grew rampant, I personally love babo and despise lame Administrators so when I am hosting I can appoint good admins and demote them if they do not act responsibly. I enjoy hosting the servers and hope to do so for a long time.