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Babo Weekend

Friday night a little after 6 the rndlabs.ca servers for baboviolent 2 went down, and they haven’t come back up yet. this is the longest period of time that they have been done in the last three years. Over its history the servers where first provided by the creators dZb and Daivuk, then when they didnt want

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Fed Up

In the last 30 days I have spent $1,433.19 on stuff other then rent, 24 percent on grocerys, 19 perent on games and movies, 16 percent on gasoline, 12 percent on fast food, and 22 percent on phone bill (we got new phones). hopefully next month we will do better, I think I will try

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Website Headaches

Well I am proud that I have gotten this far, I have completed a Home page, a page dedicated to babo, and now this blog. However I still have a ways to go, I need to get the email server up and running which is proving to be a major headache, I also need to

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