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Got the PizzaKettle working on the third try

First two were pretty meh, but attempt number #3 came out tonight. Things I did different this time, using my own pizza pan instead of the included one, kept the pizza stone in the entire time so the stone itself was hot and ready when the pizza was placed. Lots of wood to keep the

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BBQ Day was a success

Did a BBQ day, our good friends Dustin and Liz came to help eat it all. Wings, Ribs, and slow cooked pulled pork. It was great. Leah made pasta salad, and a lettuce salad from the garden. Good food, Good friends, will do again.

A full morning

Went to the store for some drip pans, put the pork on the bbq, made flapjacks. Mmmm delicious flapjacks. Looking forward to tonight, gonna do some wings and ribs as well.