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I made a guitar hanger

I need more guitar hangers, and they cost $10 a pop from amazon, also I can only place them on studs, which limits where I can place them. The solution was a guitar hanger which ended up costing about the same ($23 for wood board, $10 for all hangers, $7 for stain). I think it

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Cooked some Barbacoa

Made some Barbacoa for burrito’s tonight, really turned out great. You sear some chuck roast, mix a bunch of other stuff in a blender, then pour over the beef in a slow cooker, cook up for 6 hours, shred, enjoy. Michael and Leah made some cilantro lime rice and black beans to go with it.

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I made some burgers

I decided to make some burgers for dinner. Went to the store and got boneless chuck eye steak, some chips, potato bread, and soda. Got home and cut up the chuck into small enough chunks to form a patty. Cooked the bacon first, so I could add it to the burger later, and hopefully get

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