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Ho made pizza night

I enjoy pizza, so I decided to make some. Made the dough yesterday, let it sit overnight in the fridge, then topped and baked tonight. Delicious Followed this Recipe for the dough. Could not find 00 flour so I used bread flour instead, will have to buy some 00 online.

I handmade a guitar

Finally wrapped up my big guitar project. Finished the guitar yesterday and learned how to play it correctly today (have to use a slide or it wont sound right). Pretty happy with how it turned out. I have no idea why my phone recorded this vertically, I placed it horizontally and all.

I made some Audio cables

I needed a 3.5mm to 3.5mm to connect my digital to audio connect (dac) to my headphone amp (which makes headphones sound better). So I spent alot of time last week and made one. Then today I spent about 6 hours making another cord. This one was to connect my Electronic Drum kit to the

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