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Computer stuff I don’t need and you can have

I need to clear some space in my project room, here is some computer gear I no longer need and will throw away if people don’t take. No hard drives in anything below. 1 Pentium 4 desktop missing a power supply, another Pentium 4 with everything, 2 big servers which weigh 100 pounds each, or

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Sweet pawn shop find

I have recently started hobbying with pawn shop guitars, found this LTD a few months ago for $100, noticed it had Seymour Duncans humbucking pickups installed. The guitar was going for $300 new, but I see it now on amazon for $245. My rule of thumb is used gear is worth about 50% of new

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The flag, the national anthem, and what they mean to me.

My earliest memory of reverence for the flag, was seeing it flying on a huge pole in front of my Grandpa’s house. We would go see him once a year for thanksgiving and my cousins would come as well, was always a really good time. pulling up and seeing that flag meant we had arrived

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