Blake hotel survey

The Blake hotel in Charlotte is awful, but they asked me to fill out a survey to get a grip on my experience. Here it is, [ Warning curse words]


There is nowhere to idle car while checking in. Doorman disappeared when they saw us pull up.

Website site WiFi, once checked in you find out it is $9 a day. This is free at every hotel I have ever stayed at, or choose to stay at again in the future.

The AC only works while you are present in the room, add the fact that the hallways, and elevators are not cooled leads to a very unpleasant experience.

$13 a day for parking, how the fuck did you think I was going to be arriving? By jetpack? I have never heard of a hotel charging for parking.

The space for the Soda machine and Ice Machine is empty on over half the floors. Another cost cutting tactic used by the hotel.

There is no mini fridge in the room, however one is available to rent for $15. So no ice on my floor, and no fridge, great.

The Website clearly states a Coffee maker is in every room, however there was no coffee maker in ours, and based on online reviews not in anybody else’s either.

The hotel is old, up charges for every little thing, and employees refused to look at me, never ever staying at the Blake again. I am also strongly advocating for the South East Linux Festival to never go back to the Blake and host somewhere else that treats their guests like paying customers, instead of people to fuck over after they have checked in.

Fuck you,
Jon Mainguy