Fuck Lenovo and their T540P

Seriously, fuck them and every fucking engineer and designer they have on staff that gave this model a thumbs up.


beast cpu, 8 cores of 2.7ghz i7

beast ram, 16 fucking gigs of ram

beast screen, its fucking crazy high def.

Whats not to love?


The fucking keyboard is non standard, and has a fucking function button where the control button should be. So all the fucking muscle memmory you built up over the years wont work on this device. FUCK

The fucking trackpad has no fucking buttons. So its like a fucking mac and performs like shit. Have fun guessing where on the trackpad to push for middle, left, or right clicking. 50% of the time you will be wrong. These two features completely wipe out all the pros and make this device un-usable.

The T540P is a flaming pile of shit, Fuck you Lenovo.