Got the PizzaKettle working on the third try

First two were pretty meh, but attempt number #3 came out tonight. Things I did different this time, using my own pizza pan instead of the included one, kept the pizza stone in the entire time so the stone itself was hot and ready when the pizza was placed. Lots of wood to keep the temp as high as I can get it (gauge only goes to 700, so above that).

Using these methods, I got the crust to rise and the leopard spots on the bottom. Excited I finally figured it out.

Above 700 I know that Pan looks crazy warped, but it is not. Maybe because of the high temps? Fresh out the grill Crust bubbles!!!! Sooo good.

I would recommend building your own instead of buying a PizzaKettle, its literally just a sheet of metal, but I am still glad I bought mine so I could understand this point and see how it was made and what it can do.