I made a guitar hanger

I need more guitar hangers, and they cost $10 a pop from amazon, also I can only place them on studs, which limits where I can place them. The solution was a guitar hanger which ended up costing about the same ($23 for wood board, $10 for all hangers, $7 for stain). I think it looks great though.

So nice

5x hangers


1x oak board

Go to home depot lumber section and pick one out

1x stain

Pick a color stain you like from home depot paint aisle.

Sand and stain board as desired.

Use stud finder to find studs on desired wall. Use a level to line up where you want board to go. Draw a line with pencil (so you can erase later if needed).

Place stained board where you marked it to go, and drill in 2 screws for each stud you can. Drill hole at end of board for first guitar hanger, screw in hanger, place guitar in hanger. Grab second guitar and eyeball enough space for it to hand and not touch other guitar and be comfortable to remove and place back. Draw mark on board, drill hole and screw in hanger, repeat until out of room.