I made some Audio cables

I needed a 3.5mm to 3.5mm to connect my digital to audio connect (dac) to my headphone amp (which makes headphones sound better). So I spent alot of time last week and made one.

love that color. Wont get it confused with other peoples cords ever.

Then today I spent about 6 hours making another cord. This one was to connect my Electronic Drum kit to the mixer at church. I needed a 3.5mm to XLR. Doing this project I learned the difference between unbalanced stereo and balanced mono. I wanted stereo so I had to re-solder this a few times to get the wiring right. tip and sleeve on 3.5mm to #2 pin on xlr, Sleeve on 3.5mm to #1 on XLR, and tie #3 and #1 together on the xlr as well. Bonus, I made it harder on myself and got a right angle 3.5mm so its harder to pull out of my drum kit.

So pretty.