I made some burgers

I decided to make some burgers for dinner. Went to the store and got boneless chuck eye steak, some chips, potato bread, and soda.

Got home and cut up the chuck into small enough chunks to form a patty.

Only used one of these and wrapped the rest. Made two patties easy. Nice and fatty.

Cooked the bacon first, so I could add it to the burger later, and hopefully get some grease in the pan for the burgers to cook in (turkey bacon let me down)

Leah loves turkey bacon, didn’t produce any grease for cooking the burger like I was hoping for.

Chopped up some fresh garlic, goes great on everything, not like anybody is gonna kiss me anyways.

I love garlic. Toasting the buns, the burgers are assembled and waiting. Fuzzy picture, but tasty.

Cooked the burger 3 minutes on each side and it came out medium, I prefer medium rare so will cook a little less next time. The meat was pretty hard to cut with my dull knives, will try grinding in food processor next time. All in all it was great. I also made Leah a bacon and egg sammy but didn’t have time to take any pics of that, baby mainguy was hungry. I can now be called two meal Johnny.