Jon’s Monday night

The Hall of Fame NFL game was this past weekend, and I missed it (Was helping a buddy move). So tonight I had to do 2 things before I could relax after a hard day.

  1. Configure OpenVPN on my German node so I can browse the internet as your average German would.

  2. Buy the Euro NFL Game Pass online streaming package so I can watch my Dolphins all year (Superbowl for sure this year).

OpenVPN wasn’t as easy as I remembered it, last time I used a great guide from BuyVM, however they deleted it. So after struggeling through multiple guides and bringing down the node completely once, I found a guide that made alot of sense and worked the first time I tried it.

After shelling out $200 to Roger Goodell I am now watching the Hall of Fame game in HD on the computer.  Go Phins



Got tired of the ugly link structure on the site, added mod rewrite to lighttpd following this guide very well written, Thank you Emil.