Miami Dolphins #1

I am pysched for tonights game, the first step towards our dominance of the AFC East. However Let me say a few things about our team.

  1. Ryan Tannehill is a mediocre wide receiver, his backup is a winner, not a Dan Marino but the best QB we have is Matt Moore, he should be starting.

  2. Jeff Ireland is an idiot, who makes idiotic choices. We need him gone yesterday. Please please please, fire this man.

  3. We do not have a star on the team, not one. We dont have Reggie Bush, we dont have Ricky Williams, we dont have Ronnie Brown. We dont have a star QB. We dont have any star WR, we are paying Mike Wallace like he is on, but alas he is not. Can you imagine if we traded for Anquan Boldin instead of the 49’ers?

  4. Dion Jordan actually does look pretty cool, I hope he can be a solid force for our Defense. 

  5. The new logo is awful, really preferred the old one.

Despite all this, Dolphins will win the AFC East this year. Jets are in dis-aray, Bills are the Bills, and Brady lost all his receivers. Go Phins.