Old School Football review – 1991 Pigskin Classic #1 Florida State vs #19 BYU

I recently started watching old school football games, so I figured I would write a review while I am at it. I love the Noles, so I will be watching their games.

The year is 1991, FSU is preseason ranked #1 in the nation, and has for some reason, opted to open the year at a “neutral” site in Anaheim California, Disneyland, against the Heisman trophy winner, Ty Detmer lead #19 BYU Cougars. As if the nation needed multiple annual reminders, that Bobby Bowden and FSU will play anyone, anytime, anywhere. FSU is favored to win their and Bobby’s first national Championship.

Bobby Bowden has been coaching at FSU for 16 years now, and (Coached 5 years at WVU before this). He has coached against 9 different coaches combined at Florida / Miami by now. FSU is an Independent, and will join the ACC next year.

The Noles offense is lead by Casey Weldon at QB, (backed up by future super bowl winner Brad Johnson, but thats not important now, because he is the backup), a slew of running backs, notably Amp Lee, and Edgar Bennett.

Both Team’s start out strong, looking like it will be a shootout, until the Noles knock out Micah Matsuzaki and Ty Detmer is figuratively left with only Garnet and Gold to throw to.

A sign of things to come, a freshman 3rd string defensive back Derick Brooks makes some big hits, the redshirt freshman kicker Dan Mowrey misses an extra point wide, the walkon punter cant kick over 30 yards (Bobby said we didn’t have to worry about out kicking our coverage this way).

You forget how hard, and late players were allowed to hit back in the day. A good second or two after the whistle people are still getting hit in the head, then hopping up and running back to the huddle.

Amp Lee gets hurt at the end of the game, its a blowout so he isn’t come back this game. Bennett scores another touchdown on the ground, one of 3 that night that I remember. Casey certainly commands the offense well.

By the end of the game all the Disneyland characters are doing the Seminole Chop. It gets chippy and they start tossing players (Mormons are allowed to fight?).

The Noles win 44-28, lots of running, still a fun game to watch.

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