Registered Sex Offender

As usual watching Netflix and I was cruising the Indie section as sometimes they have a good gem in there, I came across RSO and decided to give it a shot. This movie is a Mockumentary and starts off interviewing the main character who is a sex offender. He is almost like-able in the beginning interview and seems like a normalish person, however throughout the rest of the movie you could care less about him and your waiting for the point of the movie where he will make a change for the better. [ SPOILER ALERT ]

This never happens, they even get the producer of the “dockumentary” to explain to the main character that he hasnt changed and it will be a crappy movie if he does not better himself, and then they end the dockumentary. Screen goes black and 14 months have passed, surprise he changed during the 14 months and is on his way to happy life the end. really? really? you really couldnt think of a way to show him changing so you just skipped that part and went to the end? its like they didnt think about ending the movie until they were already 60 minutes into it and realized they forgot to write the ending, the conflict was weak when his girlfriend kicks him out. It doesnt make any sense why she hadnt kicked him out earlier let alone broke up with him while he was in prison. I cant say I wasnt entertained at parts but the ending is a big thing for me and this ending was terrible. no character development at all  2 out of 5 stars