Saturday, Time to do stuff I don’t enjoy

Started the day off by cleaning up the site, noticed the A records for wasn’t correct. After some research saw that I had two A records, removed the bogus records and it should resolve correctly in a few hours. Also noticed the nsd3 server wasnt running for so I restarted that. ran update-rc.d nsd3 defaults to make sure its being loaded up at boot.

Browsed Reddit for a bit to pass the time, watched the rest of Wilfred on Netflix, watched some college football, so far no good games on.

Did the accounting for, noticed the one customer with two Dedicated servers is behind on his payments. Sent him some IM’s, we shall see if he can pay by tonight, if not then I will be wiping 2 servers clean later.

TODO list, finish cleaning up this site, clean up the resume some more, buy accessories for the Raspberry Pi, boost my search score with Brandyourself, troll craigslist. Thats the day so far.