Scrambled egg and bacon on toasted potato bread sammitch

Stole most of the recipe from Fry 3 strips of bacon, leave grease in pan, set cooked bacon aside. put two pieces of bread in toaster. Mix 2 eggs, a little more than a splash of milk, handful of shredded cheddar cheese, salt, and old bay in a bowl until it all comes together. pour into frying pan ontop of the grease and leave it alone. Once its done cooking on one side try and and flip it, fail and settle some of it shredding, attempt to cook on other side. Apply mayo and mustard to one side of each piece of toast. Place bacon and egg of whatever consistency you managed in the end on toast. Place together to make sammitch. Cut diagonally. Pair with a glass of whole milk.

mmmm bacon. Mixed together in bowl Frying on one side at a time Very tasting and filling, I could not finish it for dinner.

Bonus pic of a bunny I saw on campus the other day, he is hard to see.

R.I.P Will “Wild Bill” Annunciata. Miss you buddy.