Success at work yesterday

The web team asked me to help out on two projects yesterday, it was a ton of fun. The first project was to a 301 redirect working for the Iowa Hawkshop, they needed this to preserve their SEO ranking.

I was able to figure out we could use the Apache mod_rewrite to handle these requests.

The second task was to get rotating images on a timer with alt text via javascript. I found a good article on the script we needed Here After inserting it into our code we discovered the alt text was not working. I was able to discover Firefox and Chrome do not play nice with the alt text code and had to change it to title instead of alt, after that it shows up correctly in all browsers.

It was fun helping Brian and Gardener out with the web team, the fact that they have years of experience on me and know they can count on me for assistance is really uplifting.