Sweet pawn shop find

I have recently started hobbying with pawn shop guitars, found this LTD a few months ago for $100, noticed it had Seymour Duncans humbucking pickups installed. The guitar was going for $300 new, but I see it now on amazon for $245. My rule of thumb is used gear is worth about 50% of new price, so $100 is already a good deal, add on upgraded pickups and I jumped at the deal. Like all pawn shop guitars it was pretty pretty dirty and gross, when I plugged in at home the pickups were going in and out, once I opened the electronics cavity I saw a disaster of a solder job. The person who added the Seymour Duncans did not follow the SD schematics, and they had soldered in a second output jack inside the cavity because…….wtf why would anyone do that? After resoldering all the wiring to follow the SD specs it works like a charm now. Cleaned and oiled the fretboard and added new DR black strings (DR colored strings are my favorite). The action is too low at the nut and it is buzzing, but I will look into adjusting that later. My mom was nice enough to take some glamour pics.

Clearly see both output jacks, wtf? Better look inside of gross solder job before I redid it. Dunno why this is sideways, sorry I look pretty boss, thanks mom.