Started playing Wurm again the other day, I enjoy it quite a bit and hopefully don’t get burned out again.

Day 1. Spent the day replanting my crops, mining rocks from the mine, turning said rocks into bricks, using said bricks to repair house and fences. After that I went adventuring and found a Champion Dog, a Champion Cave Bug, a Slow Deer, a Raging Deer, a Sly Dog, a Hardened Dog, and 3-4 Scared Unicorns, which I tamed and brought back home. The crops are planted, filled with fun animals, and the house is in good shape.

Day 2. A fellow villager logged on, SOMEONE TO TALK TO, YAY. He turned out to be quite a nub and needed a good bit of assistance, spent the day building a new home for him up the hill, and furnished it with a Bed, Chest, Water Barrel, and Big Storage Bin, he now has the essentials to survive on his own. I look forward to assisting Rillio with anything else he needs, as my character is journeyman in various skills and assisting nubs is all it is really built for.

Day 3. Another new villager signs on, He was in the same state as Rillio the day before, did all the same for him, new house, new chest, new barrel, new storage bin, new bed. While it doesnt sound like much, it takes quite a bit of work to make all these. Cut trees, turn logs into planks, mine iron, turn iron into nails, harvest cotton, turn cotton into sheets for bed etc etc, and even those are simplifications of what has to be done in game to make it happen. It was a long day but now the hill has 3 residents with large houses.

Day 4. Did my chores, farmed, fed pets, got the champion dogs prego, then I went adventuring in the forest, killed a bunch of creatures for a few hours, got terribly lost, and then a hell hound chased me around for about 5 minutes before corning me on a hill and tearing me off my horse, his buddy showed up out of nowhere and the two hounds tore out all my organs. I respawned at the village, however all my items are on my dead body in those woods. Here is where it gets difficult, I have no clue where my body is, the forest all looks the same, and I was pretty lost when I died. Tonight I will have to spend a few hours to find my body if I am lucky, I have no hope of finding my horse as it will have had 24 hours of wondering around to get lost and be nowhere near my body. (And if anyone saw her they would take the horse as their own).