Babo Is Dead Long Live Babo

It is the end of an era, today I have shut off the “master” server for baboviolent 2, that people could connect to and see other babo servers to play on. BV2 was a really fun top down shooting game where the characters were balls that rolled around. I enjoyed playing it as much as I enjoyed hosting it in the latter years. I have very fond memories of playing on =TM= with Size, Deathreay and the rest, as well as (tb) with Allen and the gang. I was very immature and quite the prick when I played though, and I feel bad for the way I treated my teammates and opponents. I was consumed with winning, and I was a bad leader, in that I did not build up my fellow teammembers and help them become they best they could be. This is why, despite being a pretty good player, not many clans would want to recruit me. All this to say, I am sorry for the way I acted when I was actively playing, and I strive to do better going forward.

With BV2 being dead, it is actually more alive than ever. NoMercy and the team have recreated it with the Unreal Engine, and it is called Brutal Grounds The old gang is back on Discord, and the game is very fun with quite a number of new weapons and mechanics. Thank you to the Brutal Grounds team for keeping this fantastic genre alive.